My first Try at HTML ..A simple HTML code..

<!doctype html>

<title>Rao's first web page </title>
<body> <!--Here is the first comment. h1,h2,h3,h4 are header tags -->
<h1>Biggest News of the decade</h1>
<h2>   WATCH OUT 3...2...1...   </h2>
<h3>   WATCH OUT 3...2...   </h3>
<h4>   WATCH OUT 1...   </h4>
<p><strong>RAO</strong> gets into web technologies!!!!!!<br />And now watch out world.</p>
<p><h4>We'll Miss Pink Reporter , are you upto the challenge??<em>And see if you can cross the line below to beat me ??? :D</em></h4></p>
<hr /><!-- hr is the tag for drawing a horizontol line -->
<h1>Do you want to visit my blog?? </h1> <br />
<a href="">CLICK HERE</a>


My Experience starting coding using HTML was good ….I was very keen on learning Java Script to achieve Browser-Driver interaction ,but later i got to know that HTML is supposed to be learnt before one takes a shot at Java Script.HTML looks far simple compared to other programming langauages.The use of tags is the unique and interesting feature which i’ve noticed in these early stages of my HTML learning.Share your experience on starting with HTML ……… 🙂