Installing/setting up Neo4j/Cipher-query-terminal in ubuntu

Fascinated by the world of Graphs??Ever wondered how to install/setup the popular graphDB neo4j and the local console to execute your cipher queries (The Graph DB queries) ??If so , read on 😀

Neo4j provides webconsole to execute queries at , but you need to have it installed on your local machines to test things out during development(There are drivers available to use neo4j using almost all popular languages). This is a short post describing the setting up of the popular graphDb neo4j in ubuntu
Step-1: Setup Oracle 7
Neo4j needs JVM (its java based) , setup Oracle Java 7 which is a dependency to run Neo4J ,here are the set of instructions to execute from the terminal to setup Oracle Java 7

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-set-default

Step-2: Download and extract Neo4J
Download  extract Neo4j server  from Neo4j-server-Download and extract it


Step-3:Run the Neo4j server
Go to the extracted folder nd execute the following commands to setup neo4j

cd bin
sudo ./neo4j-installer install
./neo4j start

This starts the Neo4j server on the default port 7474

step-4:Go to browser and checkout localhost:7474
Once the Neo4J server is running,Open you browser and visit localhost:7474 , here is the screenshot

Neo web interface running locally
Neo web interface running locally

Step-5:Execute the cipher queries
Now using the browser interface you can easily execute the cipher queries agianst the Neo4J server running locally

Local cipher
Local cipher

In case you want to use the command line shell to exeute cipher-queries just shell the neo4j-shell , from the /bin start the neo4j-shell

cd bin

tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!The cipher-query shell opens And start executing the cipher queries 🙂 Here is the screenshot


Welllllllll , this is th end of the post , i hope that this post helped you guys setup neo4j and cypher-query-console on your machines and get started.There will be series of posts coming up soon on using neo4j alongside NodeJs server , till then Happy coding 😀

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