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Backbone.js – Listening to DOM events using backbone.views

Writing Backbone.js applications requires three dependies , the Jquery Library , Underscore.js and Backbone.js libraries , this illustrates the simple task of associating a listener for the click event on the checkbox element on the DOM, Backbone.js provides all the necessary functionalities to make a fully fledge web applications , it is well known for the implementation of the MVc architecture , use Ctrl+shift+K in the firefox browser to open the Javascript console and view the console log

	<meta charset="UTF-8">

	<script src="">
	<script src="">

	<script src="">
		$( document ).ready(function() {
		/*Enclose the script under Jquery Document.ready , this makes sure that the script is executed after the DOM 
		elements on the browser is loaded */
    		var View = Backbone.View.extend({

			el : '#listen_to_box' , 
			/*associate  DOM element on which you want to work on , 
			In this case #listen_to_box is the ID of the div element with the  checkbox */
			events: { 
				'click [type="checkbox"]':'clicked', 
				/*associate an event listener 'clicked' for 
				the click event on the checkbox , this is done using the Views events property*/
		clicked : function(event ) { /*The Handler function for the click event on the checkbox*/
			console.log("events handler for "+  this.el.outerHTML);
			/* el.outerHTML has the markup or the HTML code of the DOM element associated with el, 
				in this case the 'div' element with the id of #listen_to_box is assigned to el */ 
	var view = new View();
	<div id="listen_to_box">
		<input type="checkbox" />


Js console

Js console


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