How much are we (The student community) concerned about producing a GOOD software ??

The student community today is just focussed on writing codes which just meets the requirements , but the question is “Are we really concerned about meeting all the standards which separates a good software from not so good software ??”……..

These are following disciplines defined in software engineering which defines a standard for a GOOD software


 How much concerned are looking into this aspect of your program ?? Do we provide  facilities in our code which makes the  expansion  or adding a new feature easier ??

It is really important that we design facilities in our code which makes it easy to add new facilities according to changing requirements .There are lot of facilities defined especially in Object-Oriented programming languages to achieve this purpose , but the question is how much are we concerned about this ??


Do we ever try to see the amount of memory or the CPU cycles our program consumes ??? Have we ever tried to modify our code to make it consume less memory or CPU cycles ??

It is really Important that we look into these statistics of our executable and modify the code to make it more efficient in its resource usage , but  how often do we take care of this ??


Being a programmer who develop an application we’ll clearly know how to use the software and make use of its features , but how much are we  concerned about producing enough documentation and giving our software a more interactive , Responsive and easy to use interface  with which even a computer newbie would find it easy to use it ??


Have we ever tried to see how secure is our code is ?? What are the possible security vulnerabilities or bugs that could exist in the software we produce ???

The costs of producing a faulty and vulnerable software could even risk lives of people , how much are concerned about producing a fail proof piece of code ??

Conclusion:Sometimes being a software engineer is just more than mere application of technical skills .In today’s computing world producing a piece of code which just meets the user requirement or which gives the right output for specified set of inputs is not enough.We should be really concerned about the ease of usage,the security,the resource usage and flexibility of the software we produce ?? We should equip ourselves to write codes which could work incorporating  trending concepts like Distributed computing and parallel programming and many more….  But again how concerned are the student community about these factors and how seriously do we adhere to these very basic software engineering principles when we write a piece of code ………..Its time to think and code better !!!!! 







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