UNIX print job sequence no program

//download link for the file: http://www.slideshare.net/hackintoshrao/fileinc
/* First create a file in your Home directory by name seqno.txt,just write one character the
   digit one( 1 ) into the file and save it.This program reads the number from the file , increments it
    then writes back the incremented value back into the file.
    This sequence o program is used to control print jobs in UNIX */

#define PATH “/home/hackintoshrao/seqno.txt” //Enter the path of your home directory here
int main()

    int i,fd,n;
    char buf[100];
    if((fd=open(PATH,O_RDWR))==-1) //open the file to read and write
       fprintf(stderr,”Error opening file”,50);
    read(fd,buf,100)   ;//read the number from the file
    buf[n]=”;   //terminate with null characters to use sscanf
    sscanf(buf,”%d\n”,&i); //read the number from the string into integer i
    i++;//increment the value
    sprintf(buf,”%d”,i); //write the incremented value into the string
    /*set the write pointer to the beginning  of the file(the file position was altered
      by the read function after reading the first character*/
    write(fd,buf,sizeof(buf));//write the incremented value back to the file
    return 0;

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