A Simple guide to write programs which can be made use only by a specific user in A GNU/LINUX system using getuid and getlogin system calls

/* hackintosh rao \m/ , codes for GNU/LINUX
   Illustration of code which can only be made use
  System calls used:1) uid_t getuid(void);
                    2) char *getlogin(void); */
int main()
    uid_t uid;/*uid_t is a build in data type, which can hold small numbers*/
    char* username;
    if(uid==1000)//uid of user karthic
        printf(“\nUID is:%d\nWELCOME Username:%s\n\n\n “,uid,username);
        printf(“\nI AM AT YOUR SERVICE\n\n”);
        /*write functionalities here which can only be made use by user with UId 1000*/
        /*not even can root can unlock this,if if root executes the code he cannot make use of it*/

     printf(“\nWrong User, the program is authorized to be used only by %s\n\n”,username);

    return 0;


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