FSMK’s(Free software movement karnataka) awesome 2 days study camp at Melkote.10-11 sep 2k11.

The stage was set for a exciting two day study camp by FSMK at Melkote…….It was not just an ordinary study camp like all other organizations come up with ….We had lot of fun trekking the hilly regions Areas of Melkote , unlike other so called study camps , there was no authority over students (May be because of the free software policies the members have adopted ) , i am grateful to FSMK for gving us a chance to listen words of to Gopi Sir from IISc , Chaterjee Sir from IIA(Indian Institute of Astrophysics ) , our own Balaji Sir , Siddharth from FSMI …………The journey started on friday , along with Naveen Sir ,two of us  started our journey towards Malavally of Mandya to have Introductory session on Free Software to students of Shanthi College .We were successful in making the Crowd understand the need and importance of Free Software .Then we reached Melkote the same evening to have a check over the arrangements for the weekends Camp.Thanks to Surendra Sir , the job was almost completed.Then the battalion of Free software Activists arrived at the Venue at around 10 30 AM saturday.The facilities provided to The Activists were awesome , from hot water to good food , there was Absolutely nothing to worry about .The session started with Siddharth’s talk on Science and its history.the session Enlightened us on the ill impact of copy rights and Patent on Development of Science .He clearly conveyed us the motives of FSMK. His style and Content of presentation was very Impressive and had a impact on listeners .As i had mentioned earlier it was not just a boring study camp , then started our journey to the tip of peak, onto the  rocky Mountain near our Camp .Even though the Climb to the top was tiring , The Beauty of the view from top made all the thoughts in mind to REST IN PEACE.And then started Balaji Sir’s session on Science and Religion .. had lot of fun spending time listening to Balaji Sir and those Debates that sparked in Between .When it was time to dinner Raghavendra Selvan Sir arrived with his army from BMSIT.The Next day , i.e Sunday morning started with a   joyful jog to Dhanushkoti with FSMK team , we discovered many Ancient monuments on the peaks of Dhanushkoti , again lots and lots of fun 🙂 Then started , the session by the man who got his PHD from Stanford,GOPI Sir frin IISC, the President of FSMK(Again thankful to FSMk for provide an opportunity to meet such people ) , The session was awesome . He clearly explained us the different licensing models existing in free software world . Then came the encyclopedia of science , CHATERJEE SIr from IIA. He spoke about Industrial revolution , Revolution and Crisis that raised in science during 20th Century …At the end we had loads and loads of sweet memories , knowledge and love of new friends and Activists as we left towards Bangalore , Sunday Evening………..

2 thoughts on “FSMK’s(Free software movement karnataka) awesome 2 days study camp at Melkote.10-11 sep 2k11.

  1. Good one Karthik. This is just a suggestion for improvement. For people to read a long post you need to arouse curiosity. It would be a good idea if you keep the suspense a bit in first paragraph. For example in this case don’t introduce fsmk and study class in the first paragraph. Focus on details and fun part ( similar things you have told, a study class where you have the option to roam around and truck also) in the first paragraph. Then introduce it in the subsequent paragraphs. If you see good articles from writers you see this approach.

    🙂 Sreejith

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