Security in FOSS and Need for Reverse Engineering .

One of the strengths of open-source software is that it is often inherently more
dependable and secure. Regardless of the real security it provides, it just feels much safer to run software that has often been inspected and approved by
thousands of impartial software engineers. Needless to say, open-source soft-
ware also provides some real, tangible quality benefits. With open-source soft-
ware, having open access to the program’s source code means that certain
vulnerabilities and security holes can be discovered very early on, often before
malicious programs can take advantage of them. With proprietary software for
which source code is unavailable, reverse engineering becomes a necessary alternative for searching for security vulnerabilities. Of course,
reverse engineering cannot make proprietary software nearly as accessible
and readable as open-source software, but strong reversing skills enable one to
view code and find the various security risks it poses

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